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Health Equity Grant

The SpringWell360 Health Equity Grant is a funding opportunity designed to support individuals and projects that are committed to advancing health equity. With a grant amount of $1,000, this program is open to students and professionals alike who are working to address health disparities and improve health outcomes in underserved communities.


Applicants are encouraged to submit innovative projects or initiatives that focus on promoting health equity, whether through education, research, community outreach, or other means. The grant aims to empower recipients to make a meaningful impact by providing financial support to help bring their ideas to life.


Eligibility criteria include demonstrating a clear commitment to addressing health equity issues. Applicants are required to submit a project proposal, budget breakdown, and answer questions that highlight their passion and dedication to this cause.


The SpringWell360 Health Equity Grant not only provides financial assistance but also serves as a platform to recognize and support individuals who are making a difference in the field of health equity. Through this grant, SpringWell360 aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and community engagement in the pursuit of health equity for all. Grant recipients agree to acknowledge funding from SpringWell360 in their project. 

Due Date: July 1, 2024

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